let us light you up!

buffaloe pro is a “small to medium sized” events and performance lighting company.

our experienced lighting professionals will take your lighting needs to the next level…

and we are affordable than most and easy to work with!

we can light up your private and corporate events, parties, celebrations and more.

here is what others are saying:

“Our band has been lit by Buffaloe Pro in Seattle on numerous occasions and I have to say it makes a world of difference. Buffaloe Pro is a compact, accessible, and mobile event lighting crew that is able to set up very quickly and tap right into the vibe that we are trying to create. They give our performances that much more of a polished edge, which is why we have worked with them in music venues of all sizes. I know they also do corporate and celebration lighting but I’m so glad we team up with Buffaloe Pro for our music events, it feels like a little ace in our pocket!”
Jason Rubin, Seattle Musician

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